Watch George Kittle Turn Into A Wrestling Fanboy When ‘Stone Cold’ Breaks Into His Interview Time On ‘First Take’

On almost every episode of “Not About Wrestling”, I fanboy out for the first minute of the interview, usually because it’s such a surreal experience for me to talk to some of my favorite wrestlers like Rob Van Dam, Cody Rhodes, and Ken Anderson.

Luckily, the interviews are scheduled weeks in advance so I have time to get out most of the nerves and excitement.

Wrestling fan and San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle had zero time to prepare to talk to one of his all-time favorite performers, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Kittle was a guest on “First Take” and, in the middle of the interview, host Molly Qerim Rose asks Kittle about his love of wrestling and Steve Austin in particular.

“Stone Cold? Oh, he’s the man,” Kittle replies, before realizing Austin has joined the video conversation.

“Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding me!” Kittle exclaims.

The former WWE Champion and all-world tight end then discuss Austin’s amazing ability to catch beers and the two make plans to catch beers together at some point.

I also had my own fanboy moment with “Stone Cold” when I had the chance to interview him back in 2014.

[via First Take]


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