Trainer Gerren Liles Explains Why HIIT Workouts Will Make You A Better Runner

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On this special bonus episode of “We Run This,” we talk to founding Mirror trainer and HIIT workout guru, Gerren Liles.

Liles transitioned from a life of service teaching elementary school kids to become a sought-after trainer and fitness expert.

Liles’s killer workouts have been featured on websites like Men’s Health and Men’s Journal and appeared in fitness segments in CNBC, The Today Show, and NBC News.

On November 1st, Liles and five other trainers will take part in a “Power Hour” sponsored by Muscle Milk. The “Power Hour” is encouraging people to dedicate the additional hour of the day, thanks to Daylight Savings, to fitness.

The “Power Hour” is an hour-long workout consisting of six unique 10-minute segments, created by six different fitness personalities on behalf of Muscle Milk. Power Hour will include a variety of workouts and recovery tips like core training, HIIT, boxing, foam rolling, and more.

We covered a slew of different topics with Gerren in our chat, including HIIT workouts for runners, dealing with the pending colder days and less sunlight that comes during the winter, occasionally indulging in his weakness for sweets, staying on a workout schedule in quarantine, and his unique approach to running which includes using the activity to get other tasks completed.

Gerren is a friendly guy and motivating as hell.


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