Giants OF Bryce Johnson Makes Insane Wall-Colliding Snag For Possible Catch Of The Year

Giants OF Bryce Johnson

Getty Image / Thearon W. Henderson

Baseball season is in full swing and we’ve already had a handful of highlight plays.

However, the San Francisco Giants outfielder Bryce Johnson might be an early candidate for catch of the year after his insane snag on Wednesday night.

During their game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Freddie Freeman hit a bomb to center field.

However, he didn’t quite hit it hard enough, as the Giants outfielder was able to catch up to it and make a play.

But, the catch was absolutely insane. Johnson smacked into the wall hard but was able to keep the ball in his glove.

Watch the Giants outfielder make a possible catch-of-the-year play.

Johnson was pulled out of the game after that play. The Giants are likely to place him on the seven-day IL for a concussion, per NBC Sports.

That grab might just be the catch of the year for the 2023 season. Hopefully, Johnson makes a full recovery sooner, rather than later.

Baseball fans loved the play though, as the Giants outfielder truly went all out to make a play.

The thump was loud on the video too.

Is there a reason why the walls are so hard?

Look for the Giants to keep Johnson out of the lineup for at least one week as he recovers from a concussion.

Once he returns, we’re sure Giants fans will give him a warm welcome.