Girl Exposes Auburn Basketball Player Danjel Purifoy For Sliding Into Her Instagram DMs And Trying To Get Her To Come Over To His Hotel Room

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It’s 2018 and college/pro basketball players should know better than to slide into random girl’s DMs because there’s a good chance that they strike out and those DMs become public knowledge.

That’s what happened to Auburn basketball player Danjel Purifoy who appeared to try to get a girl to come back to his hotel room but ended up having his DMs getting leaked online.

Purifoy went on to block the girl on Twitter and Instagram and went on to claim that it wasn’t him who made the DMs.

This led to the girl calling Purifoy a liar and leaking more of his DMs to her.

If you’re a college basketball player learn from Purifoy and think twice before leaving a girl a vulgar DM about wanting her to come over to your hotel room.

H/T 12UP

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