Watch This Bro Play Tug-Of-War With A Gigantic Goliath Grouper And Catch The Monstrous Fish By Hand

If you’ve ever been fishing for Grouper you know they can pull like hell, and the Goliath Grouper is the kind of all the Grouper. It’s hundreds of pounds of muscle whose only goal is to pull in the exact opposite direction that you’re trying to get him to swim in. So naturally when I first saw this video of a bro tossing Jack Crevalle into a canal and trying to pull in a Goliath Grouper by hand, I assumed this video was going to end with him drowning, but here we are.

It’s not this bro’s strength that’s really in question here, more so that one slip on that dock would have sent him careening into that water in two seconds flat. One tiny, slippery patch of water on that dock and he’d have been going feet first after what Goliath Grouper before he knew what was happening. But that didn’t happen, and this bro bested that fish in the greatest game of tug-of-war I’ve ever seen played.

He certainly put in a more convincing effort than Manny Puig (from MTV’s ‘Wild Boys’) in this video where he fought with a Goliath Grouper under water: