Emilio Estevez AKA Coach Gordon Bombay Went Nuts When The Anaheim Ducks Won Game 5 In OT



When nobody thinks it can be done, Ducks fly together. And Monday night they did, defeating the Chicago Blackhawks in true, stunning overtime fashion to secure a victory 5-4. With the win, the Anaheim Ducks took a 3-2 series lead in their Western Conference final showdown against the ‘hawks, courtesy of a goal by Matt Beleskey just 45 seconds into the first OT period.

The incredible goal now sees Anaheim on the verge of a trip to the Stanley Cup finals, needing just one more win to put the series away and move ever-closer to raising Lord Stanley.

Ironically, as CBS points out, the 90’s sports classic Mighty Ducks somewhat predicated this year’s Stanley Cup hopefuls’ Western Conference match-up.


It’s a no-brainer that the original coach of the Mighty Ducks, Gordon Bombay a.k.a. Emilio Estevez, just had to voice his opinion on the renewed, fictional rivalry brought to life in the NHL.

“Suck it Windy City Windbags!!!”

Get ’em, Gordo!

Good to see Bombay hasn’t lost the tenacity that garnered his spot in the HOF of all-time cinema coaching legends.

Cue the “QUACK” chants!

The Ducks and the Blackhawks face-off again this Wednesday in Chicago; although, it’s uncertain if Bombay will be making an appearance, or if Miss McKay will take over the coaching reigns.

[h/t CBS Sports]