Cowboys Reportedly Severing Ties With Greg Hardy, And It’s About Damn Time

And by that, I mean longgggggg overdue.

A report indicates the Dallas Cowboys are set to end their relationship with defensive end Greg Hardy, a decision many called for throughout a 2015-16 NFL season where Hardy’s women-striking, hot-headed antics were on full display pretty much every game.

24/7 Sports on why the unarguably talented but oft-troubled pass rusher won’t be suiting up for “America’s team” next season:

The controversial defensive end won’t be given another chance with the Dallas Cowboys after his 2015 season. According to Cowboys insider Mike Fisher, the club is reportedly “done” with with Hardy and his pass-rushing talents.

A little under a month ago, Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reported that the Cowboys were not expected to re-sign Hardy. Cole cited Hardy’s inability to stay out of trouble [read: excessive party habits] as the main reason.

“In talking to sources close to Dallas defensive end Greg Hardy, the expectation from their side is that the Cowboys are not going to bring Hardy back after a tumultuous first season with the team and a tumultuous season after his return to the league after a one-year suspension,” Cole said in late January. “The problem for the Cowboys is that Hardy partied a lot during the season and was not in great physical shape as the season wore on and on and on. That was part of the reason he was tardy to several meetings during the season and part of the reason why the team felt so distracted by his presence.”

Good riddance. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: a man who lays his hand on a women has no business making millions of dollars playing a sport, and the fact that Hardy has been enabled to continue down that road of domestic violence and general irreverence for morals is sickening.

Makes me audibly groan that it’s all but inevitable another NFL team will sign him despite all the aforementioned concerns, because frankly, there is no place in professional sports, much less society, for pond scum like Greg Hardy.

Character over talent 100 times out of 100. Fuck this guy.

[h/t 24/7 Sports]