Gronk And Katie Nolan Played Truth Or Dare And Kaite Was Visibly Disgusted With Gronk’s Alcoholic Drink Of Choice


Katie Nolan and Rob Gronkowski teamed up with Draft Kings for a Truth or Dare series. For the first question, Katie asked Gronk if he drank alcohol. Kind of a weird inquiry seeing as how there are several of videos and photos online of Gronk slamming booze to the dome. But I digress.

The real take away from this video, however, is that we learn Gronk hates beer and his usual drink of choice disgusts Katie to no end. What is also interesting is that the drink of choice he tells Katie also contradicts our previous findings that his drink of choice is Espresso Martinis.

[protected-iframe id=”a7b2bc1c0408767eeca8992ce228538f-97886205-61771510″ info=”//″ webkitallowfullscreen=”” mozallowfullscreen=”” allowfullscreen=””]

So which is it, Gronk: Vodka waters or espresso martinis?

[H/T Draft Kings]