The Halloween Hellbomb In Long Beach Was 2022’s Wildest Skating Event Of The Year

Halloween Hellbomb skateboarding

iStockphoto / Image Source

The Halloween Hellbomb in Cherry Beach Hill Long Beach, California is a relatively new event. At least compared to longstanding skateboarding events like the Dolores Hill Bomb in San Francisco. But it has quickly blossomed into one of the skateboarding community’s coolest events on the calendar.

This marked the 3rd time the Halloween Hellbomb in Long Beach has taken place. Awards and cash prizes were passed out for the Fastest Speed, Best Trick, and Worst Slam.

The event brought in some of skateboarding‘s biggest names as sponsors like Independent Trucks, Vans, Creature, and this video below was produced by Thrasher Magazine. What’s excellent about this video of the Halloween Hellbomb is it showcases all three aspects: speed, tricks, and wipeouts.

Best of the 2022 Halloween Hellbomb skating event in Long Beach

There are some more (awesome) videos of the Hellbomb floating around YouTube. I couldn’t let you all leave without sharing a few more:

And this longer video is a behind-the-scenes look at many of the Halloween Hellbomb ramps and rails being made by Keen Ramps:

Big shout out to anyone out there who willingly throws caution to the wind and participates in events like this where they could snap a bone at any moment.