How High Were These Vermont Bros That Thought Cliff Diving In Near-Freezing Temps Was A Great Idea?

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It’s a 39-degree day in Vermont, you’re sitting around thinking of things to do after ripping your vape pen…and somehow cliff diving in a wetsuit comes to mind?

Now I have no actual proof that these bros were high while filming incredible footage of themselves jumping off cliffs into quarries, but one has to assume that they were, right? For starters, it’s Vermont. A state who’s best known exports are the world’s greatest band ‘Phish’ and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The state is synonymous with the stickiest of the icky. So I think in this instance it’s safe to assume one, it not all involved parties were high.

Then they wiggled their way into winter wetsuits…and decided to go cliff jumping… in late Fall… in the Northeast? I definitely don’t want to hate on them in any way, because this footage is badass and I’m glad they did it. I just can’t help but wonder what was going through their heads that led them to this decision. So Vermont bros, if you or anyone you know was in this video, leave a comment down below schooling me on why and how this brilliant idea came to be:

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