Huge Goliath Grouper Taunts The Ever Living Shit Out Of A Spearfisherman, Steals His Fish, Steals His Chill

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I’ve never had a goliath grouper steal my fish while spearfishing, but I can certainly relate to this bro’s frustration. He’s down on the reef, catching his dinner, and that ginormous goliath grouper (aka ‘jewfish’) keeps fucking his day up. He’s just trying to bring home the bacon (snapper) so that his family can eat, but the grouper’s not having it.

Whenever I lose a fish I tend to get pretty worked up, but there’s definitely a strong correlation between the amount of time I was fighting that fish and how close I was to catching the fish before I lost it. As I mentioned before, I’ve never lost a fish to a hungry goliath grouper while spearfishing, but I have lost fish to sharks, dolphin, faulty fishing tackle, and even goliath grouper.

This fish has no chill, and he causes the diver to lose his chill in one fell swoop:

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It’s such a massive kick to the dick when you can see your catch just feet in front of you and an apex predator swoops in out of nowhere and takes it from you. Sure, it’s an awesome sight to behold when a massive fish or sharks swoops in out of nowhere and bites a fish in half right in front of you (or swallows it whole), but the moment of being awestruck passes pretty quickly. Then you’re just left there, stewing on how you almost caught that fish you’d been fighting for the past 10 minutes, a fish you’d been after all day, the fish you’d been thinking about catching all week long.

Goliath grouper are no joke though. I’m sure you’ve seen this by now, the video and subsequent GIFs have been everywhere over the past year and a half: grouper swallows shark (it’s done 60 million views since August 2014).

And for more spearfishing content make sure to check out that video below of a crazy ass shark doing crazy ass shark things!!!

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