Ken Jeong Shouted Out His ‘Ho’ On College Gameday And The Internet Cried Tears Of Laughter

Ken Jeong Wife Shoutout College Gameday You Complete Me Ho

College Gameday on ESPN

  • Comedian Ken Jeong joined College Gameday on Saturday and left everybody in tears.
  • While picking one of the games, he shouted out his ‘Ho’ on live TV and it couldn’t have been funnier.
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Ken Jeong is a man of many talents. College football picker is one of them.

The 52-year-old comedian, actor, writer, television personality and licensed physician joined College Gameday on Saturday morning and had people in tears from laughter. Although Jeong went to school in North Carolina, he grew up in Detroit and has deep ties to the state.

Thus, having him on as the guest picker made a lot of sense.

As is per usual, Jeong, Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso and Desmond Howard went through the top games from this week’s slate.

When it got time to pick between UCLA and Utah, Jeong had a very specific reason to go with the Bruins. His wife, Tran, went to the David Geffen School of Medicine in Westwood, so he had to go with her alma mater.

During the announcement of his pick, Jeong, wearing a Michigan State green hair extension, gave Tran a shoutout in hilarious fashion.


Ho, as Jeong quickly clarifies before saying “ESPN, how dare you,” is Tran’s last name. Tran Jeong Ho.

The all-time moment had the entire desk cracking up and Howard could hardly hold himself together on the end. Look at Corso’s face:

Not only was the desk belly-laughing, but everybody watching at home was also in tears.

Jeong went on to pick Michigan State, while Corso donned the Michigan head gear in front of an away crowd. Regardless of his record at the end of the day, Jeong stole the show.