Italian Soccer Team Unveils Faux Denim Jerseys


Via @thesunfootball

If you love soccer and you love jeans, Napoli is the Serie A squad for you. The team announced they’d be wearing these denim-looking numbers as a third kit this season.


Who knows. I don’t even want to know the sequence of events which lead to a faux denim soccer jersey. And since it’s an Italian side, I’m going to go ahead and assume there was much yelling.

Part of me wishes the team would have fully committed and used actual denim, if only for the future hilarity of every player on the team suffering vicious nipple chaffing.

This is the perfect opportunity for the Montreal Impact to improve open the look with jean shorts for the always intimidating Canadian Tuxedo uni. But that will take a few years. Fashion tends to start in Italy and take its sweet time reaching us rubes over here in North America.

[H/T: The Sun]