Ja Morant Puts Half The Trail Blazers’ Starting Lineup On A Poster With Insane Dunk

Ja Morant drives to the hoop against the Portland Trail Blazers.

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Ja Morant is going viral for an incredible dunk against the Portland Trail Blazers. The Memphis start embarrassed half of the Blazers’ starting lineup with a posterizing jam.

The slam has many in the NBA world talking as fans post their reactions to the incredible show of athleticism.

Morant has been through a turbulent 2023 season, having found himself involved in a number of off-court incidents. Those incidents include an altercation with a 17-year-old boy during a pick-up game of basketball, an argument with a security guard at a Memphis mall, a postgame shouting match with the Pacers, and his flashing a gun in a Colorado nightclub.

The latter situation cost him eight games and a possible $40M in earnings. The combination of off-court issues also caused him to lose out sponsorship deals as partners began to distance themselves from the NBA star.

Still, his abilities on the floor have never been in question.

Morant is averaging 26.5 points a night while chipping in 5.8 boards and 8.1 assists per game. He has the Grizzlies positioned in second place in the Western Conference at 50-29 as the regular season inches closer to its end.

On Tuesday night, he showed off his incredible athleticism with a ridiculous dunk over a pair of Trail Blazers. The monster jam has everyone in the basketball world talking.

Social media erupted with reaction to the posterizing slam.

One account asked, “Why do people continue to jump with Ja Morant?!” Another said, “I’ve never seen bounce like that.”

The dunk was one of many Memphis highlights as the Grizzlies reeled off a 119-109 victory. The win got the team to the 50-win mark with two regular season games remaining, potentially locking them into the No. 2 seed for the playoffs.