The Jacksonville Jaguars Breaking Their Practice Huddle With ‘GRIND!’ Is A Merciless Troll

Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

The fourth wall has officially been broken.

As Urban Meyer’s daughter said, “let the media do what it does,” but when the 53-man roster you’re sworn to lead openly trolls you in the midst of the worst stint of your professional career (after an emotional apology no less), I’m not sure there’s a PR agency on the planet who can unring that bell.

Following a practice session on Wednesday, the 0-4 Jaguars broke their team huddle with a collective “GRIND!” chant that is a.) very funny, and, b.) an indicator that the players aren’t willing to share in their coaches distress.

The Jaguars have given the internet even more meat to chew on and extended the life of this already overblown scandal even more.

I would 100% quit if I were Urban. Hardly anything is worth living in Jacksonville as it is, add in a national axe to grind (pun!) and I’m becoming a high school football coach somewhere where they don’t have internet.