Jalen Ramsey Explained Why He Trolled Andrew Luck By Faking Helping Him Up During Sunday’s Game

Jalen Ramsey Explained Why Trolled Andrew Luck

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One of the highlights in the NFL on Sunday had nothing to do with a run, pass, catch or tackle (or touchdown celebration – yeesh).

Instead, it occurred when Jaguars defensive back Jalen Ramsey offered his hand to Colts QB Andrew Luck to help him up then pulled it away in one of the better Sike! moves we’ve ever seen.

For the record, Luck was not one of the quarterbacks Ramsey trashed prior to the season. He also was not one of the QBs he praised either.

Of course, anytime Ramsey does anything even remotely controversial, NFL fans either eat it up with a spoon or it just gives them one more reason to complain about the outspoken DB.

Ramsey knows this, and is always quick to jump on social media to slay the trolls, which he did again Sunday night.

In a tweet of a photo of himself and Luck speaking after the game, Ramsey wrote, “This what y’all need to see 😂. As a competitor, always give it my all on the field, play fierce, play passionate, try to get that edge, pay my respects to the game, and most importantly HAVE FUN. I have NO friends between the white lines but after, it’s respect. Good win Jags.”

Pretty good response. It is football, after all. Mind games are the least of Andrew Luck’s worries out there on the gridirion. Heck, Michael Jordan did way more savage things on the basketball court to get into his opponents’ heads and no one complained about him.

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