Jalen Rose Gets Absolutely Clowned For Latest Twitter Follow After Superstar Celeb’s Thirst Traps

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Former NBA player and current ESPN analyst Jalen Rose is a man that knows a thing or two about keeping up appearances.

For example, just take a look at the exorbitant amount of money Rose says that men should spend on their haircuts.

“So first off, the minimum you’re supposed to spending for a quality barber is $100,” Rose said a few months back. “I’m here to defend the sanctuary that is called barbers and beauticians. So many guys and people out there y’all gonna show up and get a fly haircut and y’all gonna spend $35. Y’all gonna go to the end of the line. Y’all gonna hit up your barber. They gon’ send you to the voicemail. You gonna have a 1 o’clock appointment. You gonna get there at 1 o’clock and somebody gonna be sitting in the chair.”

Now, Rose is a somewhat newly single man. He married co-worker Molly Qerim in 2018 and the two were divorced just three years later.

So he has a reason to care a lot about how he looks. Now, however, he appears to set his sights on another major star. And he’s getting absolutely clowned for doing so.

Rose got caught following superstar musician and actress Janelle Monae on Twitter on Friday.

Now, on it’s face there’s nothing odd about that. But as they say, timing is everything.

Rose’s follow came just just hours after Monae revealed her new album on cover on Twitter. The album art shows her swimming completely nude, with nothing censored.

The new album cover certainly raised some eyebrows.

Monae also released an astoundingly revealing music video just a day before. The video quickly went viral.

So it wasn’t exactly difficult to figure out why Rose chose now to give Monae a follow. And fans didn’t take long to both call him out and give him props for the timing.


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