It Sure Sounds Like James Harden Thinks Kevin Durant Still Plays For The Warriors

james hardin thinks kd is still on the warriors

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James Harden and the Rockets took down the Warriors 129-112 on Wednesday night. Harden finished the night with a team-high 36 points and 13 assists. Just another night where Harden seemingly took over a game, no real story there, but something happened after the game.

During his postgame interview, Harden was asked about the Warriors and their current injury issues with Steph Curry out with a broken hand and Klay Thompson with a torn ACL. Harden wished them well, but then also rattled of Kevin Durant’s name saying he hopes he is back on the court sooner rather than later.

He starts with Klay then says ‘obviously KD’ then mentions Steph and with that, it sure sounds like he may think Durant still plays for the Warriors. In case you missed it, Durant now plays for the Nets.

It could have been a simple mistake from Harden, then again he’s done probably 500 postgame interviews over the years so being nervous or something isn’t an excuse here.

The real explanation here could be that the Durant-Curry-Thompson Warriors still own major real estate in Harden’s brain as they bounced the Rockets from the playoffs each of the past two seasons.

The nice take behind Harden’s statement is, of course, suggesting he’s just a good dude that wants all three to return to the court regardless of what team they play on, but that’s not as fun. It’s worth mentioning the Rockets played the Nets five days prior, so he really probably was just wishing KD to get healthy after seeing him at the game.

Fans, of course, didn’t know what the hell was going on with Harden in the interview.