Watch James Harrison Prove He’s Still A Beast By Pushing Around 1,960-Pound Sled Like He’s Vacuuming

James Harrison Sled Push

IGTV / @jhharrison92

James Harrison has retired from the NFL on two different occasions.

This video is proof the guy could probably play for the third time – no matter when the NFL finally comes back.

Harrison has a history of showing off insane feats on strength on social media.

Back in 2017, at the age of 39, he loaded a sled with 39 plates totaling around 1,800 pounds and pushed it around for fun.

In 2018, Harrison picked up a set of 150-pound dumbbells like he was bringing groceries into the house.

A few weeks before his 40th birthday, he spent half the afternoon lifting just about every plate in the weight room.

Harrison celebrated his 42 birthday this week just like us weekend warriors.

He loaded a sled with 42 plates – one for each of his 42 years- and pushed it for more than five yards.

The total weight of the sled is 1,960 pounds.

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