Jayson Tatum’s All-Star Performance Set NBA Records But Fans Aren’t Impressed

Jayson Tatum

Getty Image / Tim Nwachukwu

The NBA All-Star Game was on Sunday night and it received mixed reviews. Mainly because it’s no longer a competitive contest with the league’s best players.

Instead, the players use it as an opportunity to show off their offensive skillsets. For Jayson Tatum, that was more than true after he recorded 50 points.

That performance etched Tatum’s name into the history books. However, NBA fans aren’t impressed at all.

According to Matt Williams, Jayson Tatum is the first player to record 50 points in a regular season game, playoff game, and All-Star game.

That is a rather impressive feat. Even so, the All-Star game lacks so much defense that NBA fans are brushing Jayson Tatum’s accomplishment to the side.

Tatum was shooting at will.

Bring back defense in the All-Star game!

When it comes down to it, the players aren’t willing to give it their all in the All-Star game anymore. There isn’t anything on the line. Additionally, why play hard and risk injury in a meaningless game?

Even so, Jayson Tatum will go down in the history books, even if the fans aren’t impressed.