NBA Fans Are Weirded Out By Shaq’s Tender Interaction With Druski

NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal

Getty Image / Tim Nwachukwu

The NBA All-Star Weekend finally comes to a conclusion and it had many viral moments throughout.

Most were good, however, fans couldn’t help but feel weirded out with Shaquille O’Neal after his interaction with Druski.

Right before the dunk contest, Shaq and Druski were seen on the sideline talking with one another. The NBA legend had up to Druski’s face. Additionally, there was a camera in Shaq’s face too.

Everything was fine and dandy until O’Neal started rubbing Druski’s head out of nowhere. Bleacher Report shows the clip.

Bro, who is weirdo telling Druski, “don’t run from it,”? Like, no thanks, Shaq. I don’t want my entire head engulfed by your massive hand. It’s weird.

After the video was released, NBA fans couldn’t help but think it was an odd interaction.

A lot of NBA fans commented the same thing.

Druski’s getting roasted for his hairline too.

Pretty accurate take.

Logan has a point.

Even though some NBA fans are weirded out, many are pointing out Shaq was possibly trying to readjust Druski’s hairline.

At the end of the day, Shaq was probably just trying to be funny, as usual. With that said, having the NBA legend and Druski have a conversation on a podcast or something would probably be comedy gold.