ESPN’s Jessica Mendoza Is Getting Dragged For Her Horrible Take That Mike Fiers Shouldn’t Have Outed The Astros (Updated)

Jessica Mendoza Says Mike Fiers Shouldnt Have Outed The Astros Reaction

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Jessica Mendoza not only broadcasts Major League Baseball games for ESPN, she is also a special advisor working for the New York Mets’ front office. So her latest hot take that pitcher Mike Fiers and the other people formerly in the Astros organization should have kept their mouths shut about the ongoing cheating taking place in Houston, is not going over very well.

During her appearance on Golic and Wingo Thursday morning Mendoza criticized Fiers for blowing the whistle on the cheating Astros.

“I mean I get it. If you’re, if you’re with the Oakland A’s and you’re on another team, I mean heck yeah you better be telling your teammates, ‘Hey look heads up if you hear some noises when you’re pitching this is what’s going on.’ For sure. But to go public? Yeah, that didn’t set well with me,” Mendoza told Mike Golic. “And honestly, it made me sad for the sport that that’s how this all got found out. This wasn’t something that MLB naturally investigated. It came from within. It was a player that was a part of it, that benefited from it during the regular season when he was a part of that team. And that, when I first heard about it, it hits you like any teammate would, right? It’s something that you don’t do. I totally get telling your future teammates, helping them win, letting people know – but to go public with it and call them out and start all of this? It’s hard to swallow.”

Of note: there is a better than average chance that the new Mets manager and former Astros outfielder Carlos Beltran will be receiving some sort of punishment as the investigation continues.

Also of note: Mendoza is dead wrong about Fiers being the reason “this all got found out.” Players and coaches have been complaining about the Astros cheating for several years. Fiers was just the first inside the Astros organization to admit it.

Mendoza’s take is problematic on so many levels it makes my head spin.

It’s not like Fiers had any choice but to “benefit” from the Astros cheating. What was he supposed to do? Go public when he was a member of the team?

The fact that she is an employee of the Mets and there are rumors that Beltran will be forced to step down as the team’s new manager, whether it clouds her opinion or not, certainly makes her look really bad for saying things like Fiers “ratted everyone out.”

Frankly, considering her position and the conflict of interest she finds herself in, she shouldn’t be commenting at all. Then again, when has ESPN ever been an unbiased source of sports news and opinion?


UPDATE: Mendoza has since attempted to clarify her opinion and her situation with the Mets.