Bro Somehow Catches An Enormous Goliath Grouper While Fishing From A Jet Ski In Rough Seas

Jet Ski Fishing Goliath Grouper

Chew on This

Catching giant Goliath Grouper is challenging under the best of conditions. These powerful fish break fishing rods in half like toothpicks. These are challenging fish to reel in even when you’re standing on dry/stable/flat ground.

Fishing from a Jet Ski in rough seas off the coast of Florida makes this a total beast of a different nature. You’re contending with the massive fish pulling your Jet Ski around while trying to maintain balance. You don’t want to the rod to pull you over and tip the Jet Ski, and you have to be mindful of the waves that are constantly rolling through and tipping your Jet Ski. It’s a total clusterfuck, but Captain Ben of Chew on This managed to reel in this massive Goliath Grouper:

Goliath Grouper are HUGE fish, and they’re somewhat problematic these days because they are heavily protected by fishing regulations and cannot be kept. This allows the fish to grow to monstrous sizes and take over entire reefs in the waters off Florida. They show up, eat all the fish, and move on to the next reef. This, my bros, is not great for maintaining a healthy food chain in the waters of Florida.

To give you an idea of just how strong these fish are, here’s another clip from the Chew on This YouTube Channel that shows an angler getting pulled overboard by a Goliath Grouper:

Because you can’t keep these fish anymore the IGFA records for Goliath Grouper are somewhat outdated. The all-tackle world record for Goliath Grouper was set in Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island, Florida back in 1961 and that fish weighed an astounding 680 pounds. (h/t Grind TV)