How The Hell Did No One Bid On An Autographed Pair Of Jim Harbaugh’s Khakis?

jim harbaugh khakis

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It’s virtually impossible to sum up the mystique of the University of Michigan’s head football coach Jim Harbaugh, who is not just the craziest coach the NCAA but possibly one of the most unpredictable coaches in the history of organized sports. It’s virtually impossible to summarize all of his achievements, which include dabbing on stage with Migos, waking up early to deliver a baby calf, and sleeping over at a recruit’s house. I can only hope Michigan signs him to a lifetime contract because it would mean we would get to experience decades of his antics.

There are plenty of things to love about Harbaugh, but my favorite quirk is undecidedly his love of khakis. He once hired a personal assistant who was tasked with ironing his signature pants and even showed up to football camp with an Allen Iverson jersey tucked into a pair, because he is basically the college football equivalent of Tobias Fünke.

On Tuesday, the university held its annual Michigan Bust, an awards banquet and auction featuring a wide variety of things to bid on. One of the items on display was a pair of framed khakis autograph by Harbaugh, which— despite being priceless— required an initial bid of $900.

However, by the time the night came to an end, the pants remained unclaimed. There’s really no way for me to articulate just how disappointed I am in the people who attended the benefit. Harbaugh’s khakis deserve better than that.

So. Much. Better.

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