Jim Nantz Accidentally Spoiled Michael Block’s Epic Hole In One At The PGA Championship

Jim Nantz on set at a golf major.

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One of the most exciting moments of the PGA Championship was spoiled accidentally by the guys in the booth. Legendary commentator Jim Nantz leaked Michael Block’s epic hole in one during the final round.

Fans picked up on the slip and quickly posted reactions to social media.

While Brooks Koepka won the PGA Championship to pick up his fifth career major victory, Michael Block was the story of the weekend. The club pro, who typically teaches lessons at Arroyo Trabuca Golf Club in California, not only made the field, but he performed.

Block finished 15th with a tournament score of one-over par. That 15th-place finish locked in an invite to next year’s PGA Championship while also paying out more than $288,000.

For comparison’s sake, he’d have to teach around 2,000 of those lessons to match of those earnings.

Block reeled off three straight rounds of even-par play on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to stay near the top of the leaderboard, but on Sunday, he gave fans the most entertaining moment of the entire event.

A hole in one from the 15th tee box sent viewers into a frenzy, continuing the feel-good story of the tournament.

Unfortunately, folks watching along on television had that moment spoiled. Jim Nantz accidentally slipped when making the call, keying listeners in on what was about to unfold.

The broadcast didn’t catch the incredible shot live, so they cut to a replay during the action.

“Seconds ago on No. 15,” Nantz began as the broadcast showed Block at the tee box. “The fairytale story gets better!”

While it’s not a major hiccup, some were irritated at the fact that Nantz showed his cards before the ball went in the cup. They quickly posted reactions online.

“Yep… It used to be that the philosophy was to let the shot do the talking,” one tweet read.

Someone else said, “Exactly what I was thinking when I watched it.”

Others, however, disagreed.

This fan commented, “Imagine thinking that you know more about how to deliver sports commentary than Jim Nantz.”

Another wrote, “Disagree. In my opinion, it was perfectly delivered.”

At the end of the day, it didn’t take much away from the hole in one or Michael Block’s incredible weekend.