Fans Had Some A+ Reactions To Jimmy Garoppolo Being Photographed With A Hooters Waitress

Fans Loved Seeing Jimmy Garoppolo Pictured With A Hooters Waitress

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  • Jimmy Garoppolo was recently photographed with his arm around a Hooters waitress.
  • NFL fans absolutely loved the pic and his look in the photo.
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Jimmy Garoppolo may not know for sure where he will be plying his trade next season, but life is still pretty darn good for the 30-year-old quarterback.

Being a single guy with a 5 year, $137.5 million contract, $74 million of it guaranteed in his back pocket, his rugged good looks, and his fame as a successful NFL QB, bro is living the life many people only can dream of living.

Case in point, a recent photograph of Garoppolo posing for a photo with a waitress at what appears to be the Hooters restaurant near the Masters has gone viral on the internet.

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Jimmy Garoppolo may not be loved in San Francisco, but many NFL fans are still big fans

Given his history of being smooth with the ladies and how much they seem to adore him, NFL fans were loving the picture.

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Meanwhile, Trey Lance is out here finishing up his gigantic full back tattoo and it appears will be the man going forward in San Francisco, at least according to the latest reports.

On SportsCenter on Sunday, Jeremy Fowler said about the QB situation in San Fran, “Trey Lance has been working out in the Bay Area. I’m told that he’s got indications, at least informal indications from the team, that he’ll be the guy next year. He’s set to be that. Now, whether that means that they would still keep Garoppolo and that could change the dynamic, possibly. But right now, Lance is going to be the starter.”

For some reason, despite going 31-14 as a starter with a stellar 98.3 QB rating, many 49ers fans are more than ready for the Trey Lance era to begin.

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