Headband Joe Burrow Becomes A Thing After Bengals Fans React To Video

Joe Burrow

Getty Image / Michael Owens

We are officially in peak offseason mode, as fans are seemingly freaking out over the smallest glimpses of their favorite players.

That was certainly the case for Joe Burrow after the Cincinnati Bengals shared a short clip of him wearing a headband.

Seriously. This seven second video went viral all because Bengals fans are that excited to see a glimpse of Joe Burrow. Here’s the clip in question that has immediately become a meme.

He looks like the bad guy in a poorly made karate film. But don’t let Bengals fans hear that. They’re convinced Cincinnati is going to win the Super Bowl just based on this video.

Meanwhile, the White Goodman comparison isn’t going unnoticed in the comments.

A solid Rambo reference.

Is Joe Burrow already in mid-season form, or is is that he’s just wearing a headband?

The man will get PAID. But his attire has nothing to do with it.

Different attire. Same viral reaction.

This might be the most accurate tweet in the mentions.

It’s going to be a long offseason if headband Joe Burrow gets this much attention in mid-May.

Oh well. At least Bengals fans have something to be excited about, as Cincinnati has been a top contender the last two years in a row.

Burrow is making a case as a top two quarterback in the league, with Patrick Mahomes obviously at number one.