Joe Flacco Has Reportedly Not Called Lamar Jackson Yet To Welcome Him To The Team And The Internet Is Ripping Him To Shreds For It

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It appears that the old guard of QBs are having a hard time dealing with the fact that it’s almost their time to end their careers and make way for the future generation of QBs. Last week it was reported that Ben Roethlisberger was salty the team drafted Mason Rudolph. Now it’s being reported that longtime Ravens QB Joe Flacco has yet to reach out to rookie QB Lamar Jackson this offseason.

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Meeting with reporters during rookie minicamp on Saturday, Jackson was asked whether he has heard from Flacco. The answer?

“No, I haven’t,” Jackson said. “No I haven’t.”

It sounds like he also hasn’t heard from recently-signed veteran backup Robert Griffin III, based on his answer to the next question of whether Jackson would ask Flacco or Griffin.

“I don’t know yet,” Jackson said. “How they see things on the field. What made them learn the system even faster, stuff like that.”

Not only has Flacco not talked to Jackson but he also will not talk to the media about the Ravens drafting Jackson.

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But one person who hasn’t had anything to say about Jackson – or to Jackson – is Baltimore veteran Joe Flacco. Flacco has declined media requests since the Ravens selected Jackson No. 32 overall, and when Jackson was asked directly whether he’s spoken to Flacco, he said no.

Flacco’s decision to not reach out to the young QB is being criticized by several around the Internet.

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