This Story About Joe Judge Nearly Missing His Job Interview With The Giants Is Peak Dysfunctional G-Men

Joe Judge talks about how he nearly missed his Giants interview for going to the wrong Penn Station

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Joe Judge is the new head coach of the New York Giants — as shocking as that may seem to some fans. While many people hadn’t heard of Judge before the team announced they were even interviewing the former New England Patriots assistant, now that he’s leading one of the most iconic teams in NFL history, there’s a lot of attention on the first-time head coach.

With some young pieces to work with like quarterback Daniel Jones and an already-established superstar in running back Saquon Barkley, Joe Judge must find a way to mesh all the pieces together in order to turn the G-Men around, as he’s now the fifth head coach in the past six years alone. Of course, he better know how to get to the team’s training facility in order to do that first.

While that may seem funny and, just a little bit insane, on the surface, apparently, that’s what happened to Judge during his initial job interview with the team, as Judge found himself confused about New York City — one of the biggest cities in the world — having numerous Penn Station stops, which caused some serious travel confusion coming in from the New England area. Talking to longtime NFL writer Peter King, Joe Judge described how the little hiccup nearly became a major disaster on the day of his face to face interview with the Giants.

Providence: After a short night’s sleep, Judge boarded a 6:43 a.m. Amtrak Acela train for New Jersey, bound for his 11 a.m. interview with the Giants, a 20-minute ride from Newark’s Penn Station.

Manhattan: At 9:43 a.m., Judge disembarked at New York’s Penn Station. (Crazy thing about East Coast train stations. The city train stations in New York, Newark and Baltimore are all called “Penn Station.” Judge just heard “Penn Station” and got off the train. The Giants were sending a car for him, and Judge went to what he thought was the appointed spot. No car. Judge called his pick-up man. “Where are you?” The guy said, “I’m here. Where are you?” Judge looked around and told him 34th Street, and the Giants rep said, “You got off at the wrong Penn Station!” Judge pulled out his phone and got an Uber for East Rutherford. He was at Giants HQ by 10:45. All good. “I didn’t know there were two Penn Stations,” Judge said. There are not two. There are three. “No problem,” he said. “I got there just in time.”

Anyone else find this to be peak Giants dysfunction, or is it just me? The only thing that could possibly outdo this is if a team with even worse leadership, the Cleveland Browns, did something like nearly draft the wrong player with a different name — as they did years ago with Cameron Jordan and Jordan Cameron. But, still, this type of story just has to make Giants fans shake their head and wonder how incompetent the team could be to even allow a head coaching candidate to even get to that point of travel confusion.

Anyway, here’s to hoping Joe Judge and the Giants can overcome this little misunderstanding and build a long-lasting marriage together, which is full of victories and a simple roadmap of developing the team’s young players.

(H/T Giants Wire)