Same Car Johnny Manziel Was Driving During His Alleged Domestic Incident Was Involved In A ‘Bad Accident’ (PICS)

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Johnny Manziel’s certainly taken the long road to rock bottom, but if we are to believe the once highly touted NFL prospect turned 24/7/365 club rat, then he’s actually a ‘victim’ for once. Around midnight last night (or 12am this morning, depending on your perspective), photos began to surface of a beat up and dented 2015 Nissan GTR, the same car which Johnny Manziel was driving during his now infamous alleged domestic indident with now ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley.

Here’s a look at the damage to the driver side of Johnny’s vehicle:

Initial reports from indicated that the accident took place at an apartment complex in Dallas where Johnny’s reportedly living for the time being (seriously, Johnny? You can’t even get a condo?). Reports at the time said that the driver side airbag deployed from the ‘bad accident’, but at the time nobody could confirm if Johnny was behind the wheel himself or not. Since then further reports have surfaced, and it appears as if Johnny is claiming that he was the victim of a violent hit-and-run accident.


Johnny Manziel says he can explain how his car got wrecked in Dallas — claiming he was the VICTIM in a brutal hit-and-run crash and the cops are involved.
We spoke with Manziel’s rep, Denise Michaels, who tells us … “Johnny told me his car was T-boned and the driver just rode away right after. He reported it to police.”
But here’s the weird thing … we spoke with Dallas PD and as of Tuesday afternoon, we were told there was no record of an incident involving Manziel.
Still no update on Manziel’s condition.

Hey Johnny, why wouldn’t you file a police report of you were the victim of a hit-and-run that potentially totaled your 2015 Nissan GTR? I’m not going to throw around accusations, because if Johnny said he was the victim then we need to believe him (innocent until proven guilty). I will however throw out a few potential reasons on why someone would avoid filing a police report:

— Under the influence while driving and wanted to avoid police.
— Lying, and the driver was actually the culprit who caused the crash.
— Has so much money he doesn’t care about fixing damages and would rather not create a scene by calling the police
— All of the above.

So, what do you bros think happened?

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