Johnny Manziel In More Legal Hot Water As He Faces Yet ANOTHER Possible Lawsuit

Johnny Manziel shouldn’t be called Johnny Football anymore (for obvious reasons), however the name Johnny Drama might be a good new nickname for him.

That’s because in addition to getting served lawsuit papers last week over a house he allegedly trashed he’s about to face even more legal trouble.

And no, we’re not even talking about the guy who wants to be paid for his wrecked Mercedes or his ongoing domestic violence issues. This is a whole DIFFERENT kind of legal problem.

Remember when Manziel was physically removed from a Vegas night club for allegedly punching a guy in the face? Yeah, that guy’s not really happy about that happening.

Reports TMZ

Witnesses have said Manziel was pushed while the crowd was going crazy during a surprise performance by Drake — and, during the madness, Manziel turned and slugged a guy.

There’s video showing Manziel locked up with the guy inside the club — but hard to see if Johnny threw a punch.

We’re told the victim claims he was injured during the fracas — and is planning to sue Manziel to cover his medical costs at the very least.

Here’s video of the altercation…

Awhile back we tried to figure out how much money Manziel was blowing through and when it would run out, but if these lawsuits keep piling up it’s going to be even faster than we anticipated.

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