Johnny Manziel Being Sued For Allegedly Trashing A Mansion In L.A. (Yes, Again)

Remember way back this morning when I reported that Cam Newton was being sued for $270,000 for allegedly wrecking a $11 million home he rented and I said that it seemed more like something Johnny Manziel would have done?

Turns out we didn’t have to wait long for that statement to come true because TMZ reports this afternoon that JFF is ALSO being sued for wrecking his own L.A. mansion rental.

No, not this one in West Hollywood. This is a whole different rental property that he allegedly wrecked.

Imaginary caption: “Hey, if you get sued for trashing a mansion in L.A., here’s how you get out of it.”

Johnny Manziel is accused of trashing one of the most famous homes in the Hollywood Hills — with the owner telling TMZ Sports the ex-QB has turned it into “the worst frat house you’ve ever seen.”

Here’s the deal … celebrity real estate magnate Danny Fitzgerald says he rented his legendary Weidlake mansion out to a guy named Bryan Chase back in July — only to learn Johnny and his pal, OVO Ryan, moved in too.

Fitzgerald says Johnny had been footing the bills — paying the $25,000 per month rent and all of the utilities with checks with his name on it. But he’s several days past due on the October rent so Fitzgerald sent him a pay or get out notice.

Why would Fitzgerald want an upstanding citizen such as Johnny Manziel to vacate the premises?

Well, for one, JFF and pals are pissing off the neighbors with their partying. Two, cops have been to the home several times. And three, he says Manziel and his pals have caused more than $180k in damages to windows, doors and other items.

“It’s like this is a movie about a frat house … but the worst frat house you have ever seen,” said Fitzgerald. “It’s like Charles Manson is living here.”

Hard to believe with all the studying Johnny has been doing trying to get that degree for his parents that he would have time to be partying like that, huh?

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