Johnny Manziel Is Getting Trolled So Damn Hard By A Local Taco Company

johnny manziel

Thanks to his failure to change his partyboy ways, all indications say that Johnny Manziel’s NFL career is either at an extreme halt or more than likely over. Failing to live up to the whole Johnny Football hype, the kid has found himself in rehab, benched after lying to his former team and making the rounds in West Hollywood as of late.

No matter his perception, there’s one place that still thinks Manziel might make a good employee—a local fast food restaurant called Taco Time up in Washington State. Here’s what was spotted at various locations:

Seeing as how Johnny has plummeted in recent months from a starting quarterback to a guy no team would touch with a 100-foot pole, Manziel might want to go ahead and consider the taco chain’s offer. At the very least, he’ll get free tacos for all those late night benders.

[H/T Busted Coverage]