Jon Jones Passed A Polygraph Test Concerning His Illegal Use Of Steroids

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In July, Jon Jones returned to MMA after a one-year suspension stemming from banned substances found in the off-brand Cialis he was taking and temporarily dispatched Daniel Cormier to another dimension after he managed to secure a knockout at UFC 214 following a head kick that sent his opponent staggering around the Octagon like a newly-born gazelle. The victory was a big step forward for Jones that quickly turned into an inhumanly large one backward after it was revealed he’d tested positive for the anabolic steroid Turinabol.

The results sparked a social media war between Cormier and Jones and led to UFC president Dana White dubbing the fighter the biggest waste of talent of all time, but Jones— who has openly expressed his affinity for other illegal substances— has maintained his innocence in regard to the violation that could result in a potentially career-ending four-year ban from the sport.

Jones has yet to be officially disciplined by either the California State Athletic Commission or the United States Anti-Doping Agency (which are both in a position to dole out punishments), but it appears he’s already started gearing up for his upcoming hearing with the former next month. According to MMA Fighting, Jones sat down for a polygraph test in December to confirm his innocence, and if the results are to be believed, he wasn’t aware there were any illegal substances in his system at the time of the bout.

Jones subjected himself to the questions on his own initiative, and while it’s unclear how heavily either organization will take the results into consideration, its worth noting lie detector tests aren’t typically given much weight in an actual court of law considering the many variables involved and the techniques that can be used to beat them.

Based on his past history, it’s only a matter of time until we find out what drug Jones was on when he managed to walk away with his most recent victory.

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