Jose Canseco Provides A Voice Of Reason After David Ortiz Rips Mike Fiers, Because We’re All In The Twilight Zone Now

Jose Canseco Claps Back At David Ortiz Supports Mike Fiers For Busting Astros

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The Houston Astros’ sign-stelaing scandal has officially turned surreal. We’ve got LeBron James, an NBA player, calling out MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. We’ve got career .263 hitter Josh Reddick spouting off about how the Astros will “shut everybody up” by winning. And now we’ve got proud steroid user Jose Canseco defending whistle-blower Mike Fiers against an attack from former Boston Red Sox slugger turned TV analyst David Ortiz.

On Thursday, Ortiz, just like his former Red Sox teammate Pedro Martinez and until recently member of the New York Mets front office Jessica Mendoza, referred to former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers as a “snitch” for outing Houston’s elaborate and illegal sign-stealing scheme that helped them (and him) win the 2017 World Series.

So, of course, one of the most well-documented cheaters in the history of the game, Jose Canseco, decided this was the perfect moment to make his feelings known about the situation and even alluding to the possibility that Ortiz used PEDs back when he was still playing.

“Mike fiers the truth is never wrong no matter when you say it…its never to late for the truth…big papi I am a fan since the first time I met you in Minnesota but get off this kid ,you made it through the ped era…,” Canseco tweeted.

Hard to argue with anyone saying that telling the truth is never wrong so Jose’s definitely got us there.

Wednesday night, Canseco also made another salient point regarding the Astros sign-stealing, tweeting, “It is a huge Advantage knowing what pitch is coming if I had a choice between using Peds and knowing was Pitch was coming I would pick knowing what Pitch was coming.”

That statement echoes what current Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton said recently about how well he would have done in 2017 – the year he hit 59 home runs – if he had known what pitches were coming.

But wait, there’s more Canseco wisdom to be witnessed. He also tweeted, correctly, that in the PED era only the players were punished for cheating, while team owners and management got off scot-free despite fully knowing what was going on in their game, and in the Astros situation it’s the complete opposite.

Bathe in the wisdom that is Jose.

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