Josh Allen Has Awesome Reaction After Meeting Tiger Woods

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen golfing

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If you consider yourself a “Normal Person,” there’s a good chance you’ve had some trouble hiding your excitement if you’ve ever crossed paths with a celebrity that lives the kind of life most of us can only dream of.

It can be very easy to forget most members of The Rich and Famous Crowd were Average Joes like the rest of us at some point in life. Sure, they may be accustomed to the perks that tend to come with ascending to enviable levels of fame and fortune, but many of them still have childhood heroes and legends they look up to just like you and me.

It didn’t take long for Josh Allen to establish himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL after he was selected by the Bills with the 12th overall pick in the 2018 Draft, and it’s safe to say he’s come a long way since he enrolled at a junior college before transferring to the University of Wyoming after failing to generate much hype coming out of high school.

Allen is one of the many pro athletes who can also hold their own on the golf course, as he teamed up with Patrick Mahomes to face off against Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers in the iteration of “The Match” where that second twosome walked away with the win last year.

The 26-year-old QB is also a big fan of Tiger Woods (he actually does a pretty uncanny impression of the golf icon), and on Sunday, he got to fulfill a lifelong dream when he got the chance to meet the legend himself after he wrapped up his one-under showing at the Genesis Open.

Allen was able to suppress the emotions he admitted to having while discussing the encounter, as he had this to say when describing what it was like to finally meet Woods in person:

“Little star-struck, obviously. He’s one of the only athletes ever—him and Kobe [Bryant] are the two guys that I actually felt my heart beat faster.

When he’s standing over a putt for a tournament. I legit felt the pressure with him. That was pretty cool, never forget it. I’m kinda speechless.”

You love to see it.

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