Josh Allen Embarrassingly Gets Left Hanging On A Handshake And Gets Roasted By Fans

Josh Allen Gets Left Hanging On A Handshake by Peter King, Gets Meme Treatment

Getty Image / Carmen Mandato

Legendary sportswriter Peter King was in Buffalo over the past week to observe the Bills’ preseason practice. This week’s Monday Morning Quarterback has a long lede about the current state of the Bills, recent changes, updates, and then a solid conversation with Von Miller amongst other tidbits from the preseason camp.

Noticeably absent from this week’s Monday Morning Quarterback is this video below where Peter King leaves Bills quarterback Josh Allen embarrassingly hanging for a handshake. I haven’t seen an NFL player left hanging this hard since Tom Brady. And before that, it was Tom Brady. And before Tom Brady it was Tom Brady getting embarrassingly left hanging

To his credit, Josh Allen left his hand there until Peter King shook it. Josh Allen looked around bewildered, wondering why Peter King was leaving him hanging. The video has started gaining some traction on Twitter and then immediately got the meme treatment from Buffalo Bills fans.

Peter King Leaves Josh Allen Embarrassingly Hanging For A Handshake

The Bills QB Got The Instant Meme Treatment From Fans While Getting Roasted

Here are some of the best fan reactions to Peter King leaving Josh Allen hanging for a handshake.

Josh Allen could’ve made it uncomfortable but he leaned into it and made it funny. He deserves some credit for that.

And here’s the man himself, Peter King, weighing in on the situation…

Josh Allen is currently the favorite to win the NFL MVP with +700 odds. He’s followed by Patrick Mahomes (+800), Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady (+900), and Justin Herbert (+1100). You can do with that information what you want.

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