Kai Kara-France Joins In On Blasting UFC Judges After His Controversial Loss

UFC star Kai Kara-France

Getty Image / Chris Unger

The main event at UFC Fight Night ended with a controversial call after judges gave the victory to Amir Albazi over Kai Kara-France.

Plenty of fighters from around the organization voiced their displeasure with the results of the fight.

Now, it appears Kara-France joins in on bashing the judges.

Many had the bout scored 3-2 or 4-1 in Kai Kara-France’s favor, but somehow the judges didn’t see it that way.

Additionally, Dana White has said for years that fighters must do everything to keep the fight from going to the judges.

Regardless, Saturday night was more proof that the judges are simply inconsistent. And they’ve been that way for quite a while.

Kai Kara-France didn’t bash the UFC judges as bad a some of his peers, but he did compare them to the referees in the Professional Rugby League.

Here is his tweet that has since gone viral.

These fighters are not letting the judges forget about this one. Watching the fight, it was clear Kara-France was controlling most of the bout.

He stuffed takedown after takedown and looked like the more sharp fighter in the cage. But in the end, the judges gave the win to Amir Albazi.

With so many controversial calls stemming from these judges, perhaps a it’s time for a change to be made.

That may be difficult to pull off though, considering the judges work for a separate company that is not affiliated with the UFC. So, if any punishments or changes are to be made, it must come from the Athletic Commissions.

For now, that seems to be a far fetched idea. But maybe one day we’ll finally have consistent decisions from judges.