Katherine Webb’s Reaction To Brent Musburger Retiring From Broadcasting Was Pretty Much Perfect

As you are probably aware by now, Brent Musburger, at age 77, will be calling his last game next week before heading off into retirement.

The legendary broadcaster has had many memorable moments throughout his long career, but for bros, there are two that truly stand out above the rest.

The most recent one was when Brent made A.J. McCarron’s then girlfriend now wife, Miss Alabama Katherine Webb, a household name across America.

Being that she owes much of her success today to Musburger thanks to his fawning on national television, Webb had to say something when he announced his retirement , right?

And she did.

Of that there is no doubt, a sentiment echoed by commenters to that tweet.

Well, John, thanks for bring up Jenn Sterger, because she was involved in the second moment in Musburger’s career that we will definitely never forget.

Ah yes, the legendary FSU Cowgirls. Still popular even to this day.

So did Sterger do as our man John suggested and thank Brent for making her famous? Not really.

She did retweet this tweet, but has yet to say something directly to Musburger on social media…

Perhaps she was too busy and will get to it soon.

In the mean time, while we wait, there’s always this…

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