Motorcyclist Sets New World Record By Going 248mph In 23-Seconds, Must Have Balls Made Of Carbon Fiber

Kenan Sofuoglu is pretty much a National Hero in Turkey. Kenan’s the most decorated and successful rider in World Supersport history (pro moto racing), and he’s just nabbed a world record by becoming the first rider to ever make it over 400km/h in under 30-seconds. And not only did he break that record but he absolutely destroyed it, needing only 23-seconds to make it over 400km/h, which is roughly 249mph (248.548, so we round down…).

I feel a bit behind the times only hearing about this world record now after a Turkish friend of mine sent this to me last night, but I don’t feel too badly about missing this world record because it’s not exactly like this is the story that’s been dominating Turkish news over the past few weeks. The world record was set by Kenan Sofuoglu at the end of June, and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was reportedly on-site to watch Kenan break the world record and become the first man to accelerate to 400km/h in under 30-seconds. Methinks this was probably the last good day that Erdogan had before he was faced with a failed military coup (and by the way, methinks more coups are likely to happen in the future because Erdogan’s a religious fanatic and that’s not what the educated people of Turkey are looking for).

Let’s catch that action shot once again, the moment that Kenan Sofuoglu breaks the world record:

Hot. Damn.

Can you imagine trying to hold onto a bike while accelerating to 250mph in under 30-seconds? Because that’s more or less that he just did, and it’s one of the craziest world records I’ve ever witnessed.

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