LOL, Kevin Durant Also Appears To Use A Secret Instagram Account Where He Argues With Fans

kevin durant secret fake instagram account

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God love this NBA off-season. We’ve had the Kyrie Irving-LeBron James drama. Phil Jackson annoying Knicks fans even after being fired. LaVar Ball. The Gordon Hayward drama. The Paul George drama. And the always entertaining Chandler Parsons continuously trying to hook up with ladies on social media. And now we have Kevin Durant appearing to get busted for using secret social media accounts to argue with fans.

Earlier today it was revealed that Durant has quite possibly been using a secret Twitter account to defend himself when, whoops, he forgot to change accounts and said some things on his real account he would probably like back.

And now, thanks to the internet sleuths on @NBAReddit, it appears that Durant might also have a secret Instagram account that he has been using to argue with fans and it is even more entertaining than the Twitter account that was uncovered earlier.

Love it. Keep it coming, NBA. You truly are FAN-tastic.

H/T BlackSportsOnline