Kevin Durant Has Reportedly Decided Where He’s Playing Next Season And It Looks Like He’s Done With The Warriors

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Kevin Durant is currently in the final year of his contract with the Golden State Warriors, and while the team seems to be well on its way to securing yet another championship, all is not necessarily well in the Bay Area.

Earlier this year, the Warriors found themselves embroiled in some serious drama thanks in no small part to Draymond Green, who understandably pissed off Durant when he decided it was a good idea to call his teammate a bitch in a verbal altercation that led to Green getting some unpaid time off.

Prior to the incident, Durant’s brother made some waves after he suggested the superstar was planning on parting ways with the team in the offseason and a few months later, Durant made it clear his loyalties lie with whoever is willing to drop the most cash on him once he enters free agency.

There’s been plenty of speculation about where Durant will end up, with some people suggesting he could team up with Kyrie Irving and others projecting he’ll take his talents to Los Angeles to help LeBron and the Lakers turn things around.

However, according to Bleacher Report‘s Ric Bucher, the winds have shifted in the favor of the New York Knicks.

Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s not a matter of not liking or appreciating what he has. But being there, I can tell you that Kevin Durant has never been fully embraced by the Warriors faithful. And has never, from even a national perspective, been given the just do that you would expect for a guy who has been the NBA Finals MVP of their last two championships. It’s still Steph’s team. It’s still Steph, Klay, Draymond. KD thanks for coming along and helping us win these last two. He’s never gotten the just deserts.

So now that he’s done that, it’s a matter of, ‘Where can I go and I can get this done? I can be the centerpiece and I’m going to be unbelievably appreciated.’ I can tell you one place: The New York Knicks, the New York Knicks’ fans, Madison Square Garden. If he so much as takes them into the conference finals, for as much as they have not done for the past multiple decades, he will be beloved there like he never has been at Golden State after winning two championships.”

The Knicks previously attempted to recruit Durant via a billboard that he wasn’t exactly impressed with.

Maybe it worked after all.


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