Kevin Durant Got Into A Twitter Fight With Trolls Started By A Guy Who Named His Dog After Him

kevin durant twitter fight trolls named dog

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Kevin Durant, as we well know, has a very spotty history when it comes to using Twitter. It’s something he has gotten better at over the years and he is still one of the more accessible NBA superstars when it comes to that particular social media platform.

For instance, almost immediately after winning his first NBA championship Durant spent some time on Twitter just talking basketball with a bunch of random fans.

Of course, since he opened the door, that also led to him getting into it with the inevitable trolls and haters and forcing him to address a gross rumor about himself.

That little episode, however, has not deterred Durant when it comes to going hard at trolls on Twitter as evidenced by a spree he went on Monday night after a guy said that he named his dog after him and his dog left.

Mission accomplished…

Which then led to the trolling floodgates being broken wide open…

Even Durant’s Warriors teammate Steph Curry thought the whole thing was hilarious…

Of course, there was also this obligatory comment about Kyrie Irving

So funny.