Kliff Kingsbury May Be In The Dog House With His Girlfriend Over Hilarious Comment About The Antonio Brown Helmet Saga

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders are paying Antonio Brown $17 million a year only to have him threatening to retire because he’s unhappy with a helmet. Never in my life did I think a league-mandated helmet would birth so many news stories and bring this site so much traffic (thanks AB, you diva fuck!).

Keep in mind, Schutt, the manufacturer of the helmet that AB is fighting to wear, literally discontinued making that specific helmet three years ago because current helmet technology had moved past it. So Brown is just being a delusional dick.

Anyway, sadly, it looks like HelmetGate is soon coming to a close, as ESPN Insider Adam Schefter announced this morning that Antonio Brown will be back at the Raiders’ facility in Napa today.

Thankfully, Arizona head coach and certified sex pot Kliff Kingsbury delivered the final word on the situation when asked on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM’s Bickley & Marotta if he’s ever been so bullish on a particular helmet during his Texas Tech days and his tenure in the NFL. His response should be etched on his gravestone.



This statement would be a no brainer for guys like me who are used to bringing home rest stop 4’s, but Kingsbury’s portfolio is strong to QUITE strong. He is currently dating Fox Sports host Holly Sonders.

I wouldn’t just leave my job for her, I’d leave my family.

P.S. Can’t imagine what the dinner conversation between Kliff and Holly will be like tonight.

Holly: “I just thought it was funny how….”


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