Kyrie Irving Attempted To Explain The Reason Behind His Decision To Leave Boston And Sign With The Nets

Kyrie Irving Explains Reason Behind His Decision To Sign With The Nets

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Based on the number of times during the 2018-19 NBA season we heard about Kyrie Irving being unhappy in Boston, or his Celtics teammates being unhappy with him, it was inevitable that he would opt out of his contract at season’s end and begin shopping for a new home.

Little did we know that he would end up in Brooklyn playing alongside Kevin Durant next year (and despite Isiah Thomas saying there’s no way it would work).

On Monday, Irving took to Instagram and Twitter and attempted to explain the reason behind his decision to leave Boston for the Nets… and it has nothing to do with his BFF Kevin Durant. [insert eye-roll emoji here]

Irving, who grew up in West Orange, New Jersey, and played high school basketball for Montclair Kimberley Academy, says it’s all about his roots.

“It was, fourth grade, I had just gotten done watching the Nets in the Finals and when I knew that this is a dream that I want to fulfill, I had to manifest that, I had to go get it,” Irving says in the video he posted to social media on Monday. “I had to put in my time. I had to put in my hours. I had to relentlessly work on a craft, and do it with a passion and love that no one could take away from me.”

“In my heart I knew I always wanted to play at home. And home is where my heart is. And it’s always been there.” It’s simply because of such a great love that I have for my family and the way I grew up. I wouldn’t change anything about the experience, at all. It’s brought me back here, and that’s home. And home is where my family is. Home is where I want my legacy to continue. I’m happy to be in Brooklyn.”