Being A Human Bowling Ball — That’s How You Should Roll This Summer

Let’s be honest, the true test of a bro is how well he can be bowled by another human being — or, maybe more importantly, whether he’s able to drag a keg across a 200-foot stretch of shattered intramural dreams.

These things matter in the big scheme of things. That’s why the 2016 Labatt Undomesticated Games exists, for you to test your strength at events that rather awesomely won’t be at the games in Brazil this summer.

Want to show off your time-tested mastery of the oversized sling shot? Time to check out an event near you to build on your legacy. You’re guaranteed a good time competing in all sorts of thrilling events against your fellow bros. And if that sprained “right-ball injury” from your last oversized sling still hasn’t healed, you can just eat, drink and nurse it in the Labatt Blue Zone. That’s where people with absolutely no desire to be bowled hang out.

Time to get to one of the last three games in Detroit (7/23), Cleveland (7/30) and Saratoga Springs, N.Y. (8/6) before it’s all over. Remember, you can’t brag if you don’t win.