Fans Blast Lakers For Bragging About Russell Westbrook’s Triple-Double After Costly Mistake

Lakers Blasted For Bragging About Russell Westbrook's Triple-Double

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  • The Lakers got roasted for tweeting about Russell Westbrook posting a triple-double after the guard made a costly mistake
  • The team sent out the tweet after Westbrook missed a wide-open layup that would’ve cut Los Angeles’ deficit to one point late in the game
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Earlier this week, Karl-Anthony Towns managed to rustle plenty of jimmies when he lightly criticized Russell Westbrook’s playstyle by accusing the guard of chasing statsโ€”an accusation that even the most casual basketball fan has to agree is pretty accurate.

Towns made it clear he respected Westbrook’s skills, but he made a very valid point when he prefaced his jab by saying, “I’m from a place where you get stats and you lose, that sโ€”t is pointless. I don’t go home and get love for the stats.”

On Wednesday night, Westbrook managed to get some love from the Los Angeles Lakers Twitter account after posting the 195th regular season triple-double of his career in a 104-99 loss to the Grizzlies.

However, many Lakers fans didn’t follow suit thanks to a fairly costly mistake Westbrook made late in the fourth quarter. With a little less than two-and-a-half minutes remaining in the contest, Russ had the chance to net a virtually uncontested layup to cut Memphis’ lead to one but blew the opportunity.

That brainfart occurred less than a week after Westbrook drew the ire of fans thanks to a less-than-stellar performance on Christmas, and people were not shy about putting the Lakers on blast for celebrating an achievement that was overshadowed by the loss.

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