People Shared The Crazy Ways The World Has Changed Since The Last Time Tiger Woods Won A Major

Tiger Woods Masters celebration

Getty Image / Kevin C. Cox

Tiger Woods won his 5th Green Jacket yesterday ending a 12-year drought at the Majors. It had been 5,117 days since Tiger Woods last won The Masters and 3,954 days since he last won a Major championship but that weight was finally lifted off his shoulders after he won his first Major by coming-from-behind to take the lead.

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The world has changed A LOT since Tiger Woods last won a Major twelve years ago and after Tiger walked off 18 yesterday everyone on Twitter started sharing the ways in which things are different these days. I’m thinking back to 2007 and I hadn’t even moved to NYC yet, a city I’d live in for 9 years before moving back to Florida. My life back then is unrecognizable to my life today. I’ve got a kid now!

I can’t imagine what yesterday was like for Tiger Woods, the culmination of all his injuries and personal setbacks throughout the years. But here’s how the world has changed in the time since Tiger Woods last won a Major championship:

I do remember most of these names but there are a few on there (Axley? Merrick?) who I’m not sure I ever remember seeing again:

If you had a cellphone last time Tiger Woods won a Major then there’s a GOOD chance it was a flip phone.


Mind = Blown.

Has Game of Thrones really been on TV that long?


Brand. New.

Also, the last time Tiger Woods won a major Twitter didn’t even exist yet. I kind of feel like someone should’ve led with that because this article wouldn’t have been possible without Twitter.

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