Leah Still Watches Her Father Devon Still Play Live For The First Time, Gets Honored By Bengals


NFL Network

4-year-old Leah Still has been battling cancer all year, tonight Leah was finally healthy enough to watch her dad play live for the first time. Little Leah seemed like she was having a good time hanging out with Bengals Cheerleaders before the game an watching her father warm-up pregame.

Leah was honored by the Bengals with a check for 1.3 million for the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, most of which was raised by the sale of Devon Still jerseys.

In a year in which the NFL has been plagued with negative stories, more uplifting stories like that of Leah and Devon Still are needed.

Leah being honored by the Bengals

Browns QB Brian Hoyer hugging Devon Still during Leah’s presentation

NFL Network showing Leah Love Pre-Game

Fans Showing Leah Love

Leah with the Cheerleaders