Dan Le Batard Says Trent Dilfer Tried To Get ESPN To Fly Him Around On A Private Plane, It Didn’t End Well

Le Batard Trent Dilfer Tried To Get ESPN To Give Him A Private Plane

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Has any professional athlete ever made more out of a below average playing career than Trent Dilfer?

If Dilfer had not been lucky enough to spend one year out of his 13-year NFL career in Baltimore, signing with the Ravens in 2000 to be the backup for Tony Banks, and been a part of the team that won Super Bowl XXXV thanks to one of the greatest defenses ever, would most football fans even remember him?

I mean, the Ravens were so impressed with Dilfer, who finished his NFL career with a 70.2 QB rating and more interceptions than touchdowns, that after starting just eight regular season games for them, they went ahead and made him the first starting quarterback to ever be released after a Super Bowl win.

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Somehow, Dilfer parlayed all of that medicority into an almost 10-year career doing football analysis for ESPN. Not bad, right?

Dilfer apparently thought so. At least according to a funny story told by Dan Le Batard on his radio show on Tuesday.

While Le Batard was discussing the fact that he thinks Kirk Herbstreit is the only broadcaster at ESPN that gets to use a private jet because of his College GameDay duties, Dan went into another story about private jets involving one Trent Dilfer.

“You want to hear a good ESPN story that I know to be true involving private flying? Because no one is allowed to fly privately, no matter how high up you are at the company,” Le Batard told Stugotz.

“Yeah, unless you’re traveling for a game broadcast,” Stugotz answered.

“Right, right, because he’s doing two things in one day. Kirk Herbstreit is in the afternoon, that makes sense. In the afternoon, he’s doing GameDay and then he’s gotta fly somewhere else to do the night game,” Le Batard replied.

“There was a certain employee who overplayed his hand in negotiations with ESPN because he was very powerful and he was getting a lot of acclaim, and keep in mind, all across ESPN, people disappear from day-to-day and you forget that they were ever there. Like, there’s no announcement, next thing you know Eric Mangini’s just on Fox three years later.

“And so there was a contentious negotiation and during that negotiation it was brought up, ‘Well, if Herbstreit has a private plane, why can’t I have a private plane?’ Where upon all of a sudden, the next thing you know, no private plane, and Trent Dilfer is no longer with us.”

Oh, Trent.

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Speaking of professional athletes who made a lot out of a below average playing career, what ever happened to Sean Salisbury? Oh yeah, dick pics.

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